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Frequently Asked Questions
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What does Coach Me MC offer?

Marie-Claude from Coach Me MC provides expertise to help you improve your skills to develop a no-fail strategy when dating and in relationships.  

I have done therapy.  What can you teach me that I have not already learned?

You will learn a new skill set that is not taught in therapy.  Through real and raw conversations, I will guide you as you become aware and then address the challenges that have hindered you from finding a meaningful relationship.


What are the coaching session rates?

55-minute sessions are offered at $99 CAD and 30-minute sessions at $59 CAD.  Unlike the traditional in-office session that can cost $200 to $325 per hour, I insist on offering an affordable alternative.  In addition to a video conferencing session, you can reach me at almost anytime via live chat and email. You will also receive in-between-session documentation as re-enforcement.  This is included with any coaching session you book.  If you feel you need additional information before you book your first paid session, a one-time 20-minute Discovery Session is offered free of charge.  

What are some of the subjects you address?

This is a short sampling of the subjects that may be addressed

  • The impression you leave on others

  • Being stuck in a past relationship

  • Being the other woman

  • Knowing what a healthy relationship is

  • Understanding men

  • Connecting with almost anybody

  • Identifying players and imposters

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • How can a man increase his sex appeal

  • Knowing what singles are looking for in an online profile

  • Your physical appearance

  • Your non-negotiable list

  • First-date red flags    

  • Dating someone who suffers from depression

  • Date night.  Are you great at dating?

  • Unleash your feminity

  • How to create a deeper connection

  • How charming are you?

  • Handling rejection and when to stop pursuing a relationship.

  • How to communicate effectively online 

  • Increasing opportunities for intimacy

  • Setting healthy boundaries in a relationship

  • and many more, depending on your needs


How is my privacy protected?

Coach Me MC takes your privacy and confidentiality seriously. Everything you share with MC is confidential. As well, the WIX private portal uses state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure intending to protect your privacy and safeguard the information you provide. For more details see Privacy Policy.

Do you provide coaching for both men, women and also for couples?

I typically provide coaching sessions to professional men and women and most of my clientele are 40 and up.  Exceptions can be accommodated.  Couples coaching is not offered at this time. 

Can I buy coaching sessions for others?

No. This process involves a commitment and a dedication that must come from within. The work we undertake together will only take hold for individuals who are ready to commit to themselves. 

May I stay anonymous?

Because any coaching process requires trust and truth, I prefer to deal with your real name, get to know your real circumstances and get to know the "real" you.  

How do I get started?

The first step is to Sign Up (this is free). This creates your own private portal with your details. You are asked to answer a questionnaire to provide a baseline of information that will save time in the first session. Once you have signed up, you can log in at any time with your own email and password, and book a session.


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