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3 things to improve on your online profile right now

Your dating profile is your chance to make a great first impression. With all of the benefits of online dating, there are still challenges that must be overcome. And one of them is mastering the art of creating an awesome dating profile.

No matter how long your dating profile has been active, there’s no time like right now to make simple changes that will make you stand out and ensure that you’re finding the right match.

Tell Good Stories Your profile shouldn’t read like a resume. Treat it like the first conversation you are having with a potential match. Rather than saying something like “I love to travel”, give details of a recent trip you went on. These personal touches will help your personality shine and up your chances of getting that date you want.

Make Sure You’re Smiling In Your Picture A great smile can go a long way. Artsy-looking or model-like selfies don’t get as much attention as profiles that show you looking at the camera smiling. What’s worse? Using a profile picture that doesn’t show your face at all.

Update Your Profile Frequently The more you update your profile, the more likely it is that the right person will notice you. Every few weeks, upload new photos and share stories about recent adventures, trips, etc. In that regard, online dating is no different from in-person dating - sometimes it takes a few times to meet someone before they see you as a match.

Your profile needs to be given attention and thought in order to get the results you want. The more you allow a potential match to get to know you,

the more likely you are to get dates and great dates.


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