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Honesty Is The Best Policy

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Tempted to lie about your age on your profile?

I am often asked whether lying about your age on your dating profile is OK. Hey, I don't like my age as well. I wish I'd be 10 years younger... Some say that one's age is nobody's business and some even choose to round down their age to make a round number (for example from 47 to a cool 40!). I say misrepresenting yourself by lying and manipulating someone who is looking for a suitable partner is a no-no. Imagine after finding the right partner, your birthday comes up... how do you get out of that lie? You may even get permanently kicked out from some of the online sites. Think about it. Come on, be courageous and be yourself.


Through raw and real conversations, I guide my clients as they become aware and then address the challenges that have hindered them from

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