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Who Pays? The Nice Thing To Do Is The Right Thing To Do.

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

I enjoy receiving feedback from ou male and female clients as to how a date went, to confirm whether the two hit it off. Unfortunately, I hear too many times, to my horror, that the man expected the woman to pay half of the restaurant or bar bill on the first date. Come on…

I will not sugarcoat this, it goes like this: while most women enjoy being treated as equals, being a gentleman and having some class has never been so important. This is how most women think: when she evaluates the possibility of opening up, getting close to a man and sharing all there is to share, the last thing she wants is to see her date being cheap. It really brings things back to a different level and bottom line shows a non-generous spirit. This can seal the fate of the evening right there. Even in today's age, women will tend to go for Men-That-Are-Men. I have been on numerous dates, and have certainly took turns at paying on subsequent dates. Fine. Happy to. But to be expected to pay half of the bill from the get-go is a no-no. This may have to do with the way one has been raised and the importance that money takes in one's life.

Just recently and I'll never forget it,

at CafeMio in Westboro, I interviewed a male candidate for one of our finest clients (and I mean, a real gem...). At the end of the meeting, he pushed the bill toward me discretely for me to pay. Two green teas at $3.00 each. Really? That told me something about this person.

As a result, after consulting with my client, we decided to pass on the intro. Anyways, this client was ready to experience something great in her life. She knew her worth and was done eating breadcrumbs.


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